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Léa Santé conquers hematology services

Léa Santé, a remote monitoring solution designed by Janssen and Nouveal e-santé, already has 4 partner hospitals and aims to exceed 10 facilities by 2020.

Launched in March 2019, Léa Santé is the remote monitoring solution for patients with malignant hematology, seems to have conquered the hematology services since it already has 4 partner hospitals after only 6 months of existence. In order to support these hematology services in the follow-up of their patients at home, Janssen has teamed up with hematologists and coordinating nurses (IDEC) to launch the Léa Santé solution.

Adaptable to the needs of each department and to any type of hematological malignancy, Léa Santé aims to optimize the care paths and improve the management of patients. In line with the outpatient shift, a key focus of the National Health Strategy, this solution intends to be deployed in a dozen additional hospitals by the end of 2020.

A solution to meet the new challenges of managing hematology patients

“Until a few years ago, the majority of hematology treatments were administered by injection and required the presence of patients in hospital. With the advent of oral therapies, these treatments can be taken at home. As a result, hematologists see some patients less frequently, yet they require special attention. Our goal has been to develop a solution that meets these new challenges.”, explique Laurence Boussin, Directrice de la stratégie clients chez Janssen.

For example, Janssen has partnered with Nouveal e-santé to develop this remote monitoring solution.

“Concretely, the patients connect on their personal space and answer, regularly, a medical follow-up questionnaire (e.g.: have you had episodes of fever, nausea? Have you ever forgotten your treatment? …); the information is retrieved from the dashboard in the hospital department. An ‘abnormal’ response immediately triggers an alert. The specialists then decide what action to take: recall the patient, have him come to the hospital, refer him to his doctor…”, explains François Tisin, head of innovative hematology solutions at Janssen.

Léa Santé: a customizable solution according to the needs of each department

Léa Santé adapts to the specific needs of each hematology department by customizing its content on request. Basic content is proposed and then customized through various parameters, according to the expressed needs of care providers and patients. The solution also offers other modules, such as document exchange and a secure messaging service. Institutions are free to activate or not these modules.

« After a few months of launch, the result is encouraging», as Christine Ihuel, Nurse Coordinator at the Centre Hospitalier d’Avignon: «Léa santé is a very easy to use solution that allows us to easily maintain the link with our patients. They feel more reassured and involved in their care.”

Janssen and Nouveal e-santé, players in the digitalisation of healthcare facilities

Janssen has partnered with Nouveal e-santé, a French company already well established in remote monitoring in outpatient surgery, to co-build this solution and adapt it to the needs of hematology.

“Our goal is that patients with malignant haemopathy receive the best possible management. In this project, Janssen is a facilitator who helps hematology departments to digitize, in the interest of patients” stresses Laurence Boussin.

The first partnership was concluded in March 2019 with the Centre hospitalier d’Avignon, and the first patients were equipped in the following two months. Since then, the CH d’Annecy and the CHU de Saint-Louis (AP-HP) in Paris and the Institut de Cancérologie de la Loire, Lucien Neuwirth, have joined the project.

“Léa santé is a digital coordination tool that puts the patient at the heart of their care journey. It allows her to fluidize her relationship with the health care team while staying at home. This platform also allows you to anticipate the management of side effects or unwanted as well as possible patient concerns. The course of care is thus more secure” says Dr. Borhane Slama, head of haematology department at the Centre Hospitalier d’Avignon

The aim of the Léa santé solution is to improve patient management. To do this, Janssen will focus on demonstrating the medical, economic and organizational added value of this new mode of monitoring through the implementation of a medico-economic evaluation.

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Founded in 2013, Nouveal e-santé is a scale-up specialized in the design of digital solutions for connected health. Certified ISO 9001 since 2018, Nouveal e-santé offers a software suite of several modules that allow healthcare institutions to simplify the administrative procedures of their patients and to accompany them from the medical point of view before and after their hospitalization. Thanks to the application base of these solutions, healthcare teams can model multiple management protocols according to the therapeutic area, the type of surgery or the pathology.

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