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Nouveal e-santé, expert in the design of e-health solutions and in the management of deployment projects, accompanies several public and private actors of the health world in their projects.

Janssen and Nouveal e-santé are joining forces to help hematology departments

In order to provide support to hematology departments monitoring their patients at home, Janssen has teamed up with a French start-up, Nouveal, in order to launch the Léa Santé solution. Adaptable to the specific requirements of each department and each type of hematologic malignancy, Léa Santé is designed to optimize the care journey and enhance patient treatment. In line with the outpatient approach, the main thrust of the National Healthcare Strategy, this solution meets the current needs and challenges of health centers and hospitals.


Janssen – Nouveal : a partnership supporting healthcare

In order to help hematology departments to optimize their care journeys and home-based monitoring, Janssen has joined forces with Nouveal in order to create the Léa Santé brand.

Founded in 2013, the French start-up Nouveal is driven by technological innovation and the desire to offer mobile digital solutions dedicated to the healthcare sector. With the benefit of its experience in the outpatient surgery patient journey, Nouveal is expanding the utilization of its platform to oncology healthcare journeys.

“Strongly committed to innovation, notably in hematology, Janssen is especially involved in patient monitoring in the home. With the benefits of our expertise in hematology, we strive to be a responsible healthcare partner by helping the hematology departments of hospital groups to monitor their patients”

states Emmanuelle Quilès, CEO of Janssen France.


Léa Santé: an innovative solution adaptable to the specific requirements of each department

The partners’ objective is to offer care staff a “bespoke” solution with maximum adaptability to their specific needs and organizational requirements. It is a matter of adopting a co-construction approach with the hospital departments concerned, which specify the medial contents of the solution. Accordingly, every hematology department is able to offer Léa Santé to all its patients suffering from a hematologic malignancy.

A pilot phase conducted at 6 hematology departments

6 hematology departments have already expressed their desire to participate in the 3-year pilot phase of the Léa Santé project. “We are proud to support these hematology departments seeking to engage with digital transformation of the patient monitoring process. We hope that this 3-year experimentation phase will contribute to establishing a better understanding of the role to be played by this type of solution in the optimization of the healthcare journey”, emphasizes Nathalie Gimenes, Institutional Solutions & Partnerships Director at Janssen France. A solution impact assessment will therefore also be conducted.

About Nouveal e-santé

Founded in 2013, Nouveal e-santé is a start-up specializing in connected healthcare software publishing. Through its e-fitback solution, the company has become a market leader in France in patient support, online pre-admission and post-surgery monitoring for all types of pathologies.

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About Janssen

At Janssen, a pharmaceuticals subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson group, we dream of a disease-free world. A daily inspiration is the desire to transform lives by discovering new ways of treating, healing, preventing and intercepting disease.

To this end, we constantly combine science with talent. Janssen makes innovations available to healthcare professionals and patients, targeting major public health issues in 6 therapeutic fields: onco-hematology, immunology, virology & infectious diseases, neurosciences, cardiovascular & metabolic diseases and pulmonary arterial hypertension (since the acquisition of Actelion in 2017). Janssen collaborates worldwide for the healthcare benefit of all. For further information about Janssen France, visit our website: www.janssen.com/france

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