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Nouveal e-santé, expert in the design of e-health solutions and in the management of deployment projects, accompanies several public and private actors of the health world in their projects.

Ramsay Santé announces its participation in the COVIDOM system deployed by Nouveal e-santé

  • For several weeks now, all 133 French establishments of the Ramsay Santé group, a European market leader in the private hospitals and primary care sectors, have been mobilized in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. Ramsay Santé is currently treating nearly 1,500 patients suffering from Covid-19 in its beds located in France.
  • In addition to the reorganization of its establishments to handle the unprecedented surge in patient numbers, Ramsay Santé has decided to become involved in remote patient monitoring by participating in the COVIDOM system.
  • This telemonitoring system for patients carrying Covid-19 will be deployed at most of the Ramsay Santé hospitals and clinics located in France.

“We have selected a solution approved by the Regional Health Authorities (ARS) and the Regional Unions of Healthcare Professionals (URPS) which is already being used by the AP-HP hospital group. This partnership is being conducted within the framework of our collaboration commenced at the onset of the epidemic with public-sector hospitals under the auspices of the supervisory authorities. Through enhanced collaboration and the pooling of resources by public and private sector healthcare establishments, we are convinced that we can successfully come through this unprecedented health crisis”, declares François Demesmay, Medical Innovation & Patient Experience Director at Ramsay Santé.

“This partnership is a source of great pride for Nouveal e-santé, as it once again demonstrates the expertise we have acquired in the field of telemonitoring. Furthermore, it is also a sign of maturity to be approached and selected by the leading private hospital operator in France”states Alexandre Falzon, co-founder of Nouveal e-santé.



Covidom : a benchmark system leading the fight against COVID-19

Covidom is an e-healthcare application that enables Covid-19 patients and suspected carriers to benefit from home-based telemonitoring via medical questionnaires offered once or more each day.

  • The doctor adds the patient to the process (connection to the platform, patient registration by entering their administrative and relevant medical data);
  • The patient completes a simple daily questionnaire online from a PC or the application available from the main stores. The frequency of the questionnaire may vary in line with the risk stratification and duration;
  • Depending on the answers to the questionnaire, alerts may be generated. Whenever necessary, for example in the event of high fever or significant respiratory difficulties notified by the patient, the care team is alerted and contacts the patient in order to possibly adapt the monitoring and treatment.
  • In the event of a pressing emergency, the patient is asked to call 15 (medical emergency).


Objective of the Covidom system

The initial objective of Covidom project was to anticipate and take all necessary steps to avoid hospitals becoming overwhelmed and uncontrolled contamination among the population. It was then a matter of being able to remotely monitory at-risk patients and those free of risk factors to enable the hospitals to solely concentrate on the most serious cases.

Covidom patient populations :

  • Patients leaving hospital
  • Patients receiving a medical consultation at the hospital
  • Patients receiving a medical consultation outside the hospital
  • Patents making a call

Covidom monitoring categories :

  • High-risk patient monitoring
  • Patients free of risk factors
  • Extended monitoring


A proven deployment system

The Covidom application is immediately available in SaaS mode and is ready to be deployed at all French healthcare establishments. The speed of implementation is made possible by healthcare data hosting being conducted at MiPih and because no software is installed on workstations.

In order to face up to the national healthcare crisis, Nouveal has adapted its organization and structure to meet the emergency with a high-quality and effective system proven on the ground (for example, the solution has been deployed at more than 65 establishments in just 14 days). Throughout the process, the establishment is supported by one of the company’s consultants. Nouveal e-santé is also able to provide simplified training material (self-training modules, simple-to-use platform and telephone support).


About Ramsay Santé

After the acquisition of the Capio group in 2018, Ramsay Santé became a European market leader in the private hospital and primary care sectors. The group currently has some 36,000 employees and works with nearly 8,600 independent practitioners.

Active in 6 countries, namely France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Italy, the group treats over 7 million patients each year at its 350 establishments.

In the hospital environment, Ramsay Santé offers nearly all the available medical and surgical treatments in 3 areas of expertise: Medicine-Surgery-Obstetrics, Recuperative Care & Rehabilitation and Mental Health. Wherever it operates, the group participates in public-service healthcare initiatives and forms part of the nationwide healthcare chain, such as in Sweden where the group operates more than one hundred local care homes.

The quality and safety of care is the group’s overriding priority in all the countries where it operates. This is why the group has become one of the benchmark operators in modern medicine, especially in outpatient surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS).

The group also invests over €200m each year in its establishments, in new surgical technology, imaging, establishment construction and modernization… It also innovates in patient service with new digital tools and develops its organizational structure in order to optimize treatment efficacy.

Site Internet: www.ramsaygds.fr – Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RamsaySante Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ramsaysante Twitter : https://twitter.com/RamsaySante LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/ramsaysante YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/ramsaysante

Ramsay Santé press contacts

Lisa Boisneault – 07 62 19 13 26 – lbo@enderby.agency

Myriam Baghdadi – 06 26 36 49 02 – mba@enderby.agency

Marie Grillet – 06 45 42 91 00 – mgr@enderby.agency

About de Nouveal e-santé

Founded in 2013 in Lyon, Nouveal e-santé is a French SME that develops digital connected healthcare solutions. A market leader in France in patient telemonitoring with more than 200 user establishments, Nouveal e-santé is both a software publisher and a digital services provider. Its expertise in the design of e-healthcare solutions and in managing development projects has enabled it to successfully provide project support to multiple public and private healthcare operators. In 2015, the CAPIO group became its first key client – the market leader in Europe in enhanced recovery after surgery was won over by the e-fitback app. At the same time, AP-HP and the oncology department at Henri MONDOR teaching hospital contacted Nouveal e-santé in 2016 to co-create ONCO’nect, an oncology telemonitoring app. Lastly, Nouveal e-santé was able to develop its development path thanks to 2 large groups acquiring a stake in the scale-up: La Poste and Malakoff Humanis.


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