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ONCO’nect : a telemonitoring for cancer patients

ONCO’nect : a telemonitoring for cancer patients
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A solution co-created with AP-HP

Real-life data collection

Monitor on a daily and real-time basis your chemotherapy patients, either for oral therapy or intravenous administration.

Proven medical protocols

Use the contents implemented by AP-HP medical members, co-developers of the ONCO’nect solution.

Patients’ side effects

Prevent side effects associated to cancer treatments and adjust patient therapy.

Quality of life

Track patients’ quality of life based on the chosen medical protocol (by chemotherapy, dosage, etc.).

The patient journey with ONCO'nect

patient journey with onconect

An oncologist’s testimony

Christophe Tournigand

With this tool, it is the patient himself who describes his symptoms before and after his treatment, in real time. This will allow us to communicate better, to react more quickly in the event of a problem and thus help to break the isolation that patients sometimes feel. It is also an aid to the organization of day hospital areas.

Professor Christophe Tournigand

Oncologist, Hôpital Henri Mondor (AP-HP)

What are the available features ?

Pictogramme suivi à domicile

Patient monitoring

Secured messaging system allows remote communication between patients and the medical staff

Pictogramme agenda


Avoid unscheduled consultations and cancellations with the Schedule Management Module

Pictogramme observance du traitement


Let the patients become more autonomous and better involved into their own health care pathway and treatments

Pictogramme statistiques


Manage anonymized data extraction for clinical studies

Features to ensure continuous monitoring

Set up and automate the sending of medical and quality of life questionnaires based on the international standards EU QLQ QC-30 and PRO-CTAC.

Receive real-time alerts if a patient reveals side effects for optimal management.

An optional messaging service to keep the link with patients and break the feeling of isolation they can face.

Schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments based on the patient’s health status that is automatically notified.

Share with your patients all the documents relating to his care journey (prescriptions, biological checkups, clinical imaging, …)

Partner institutions

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