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Nouveal e-santé, expert in the design of e-health solutions and in the management of deployment projects, accompanies several public and private actors of the health world in their projects.

The Henri-Mondor AP-HP hospital is experimenting with an e-health tool dedicated to the home medical follow-up of cancer patients

A partnership agreement has been signed between Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, the Malakoff Médéric Group, the company Nouveal e-santé and TNP Consultants for the implementation of an e-health toolconnected health, designed to connect cancer patients with the healthcare team. This tool, initially developed by Nouveal, has shown its effectiveness in supporting patients in outpatient surgery. It is now adapted for the specific follow-up of cancer patients by Professor Christophe Tournigand, head of the oncology department of the Henri-Mondor AP-HP hospital.

This connected tool collects symptoms at regular intervals in the form of questionnaires filled out directly by the patient from a computer or application available on the main blinds. This allows the patient to inform the hospital if they have a fever, pain or other symptom, for example, a few days before a scheduled chemotherapy session. The patient is also asked to complete treatment tolerance questionnaires based on the main toxicities encountered. It can send a message or photos via secure messaging.


A quality of life questionnaire is sent to the patient via the platform on a regular basis. The information received by the health care team in real time is processed according to the alert level displayed on a dashboard.

The aim is to monitor the patient in the course of treatment on a daily basis, the patient being the patient’s own actor, and to break the isolation from the care structure.

This service is offered in the medical oncology department of Professor Christophe Tournigand, at the Henri Mondor Hospital – AP-HP, and begins as a pilot study to test the tool with patients and the healthcare team. With this tool, it is the patient himself who describes his symptoms before and after his treatment, in real time. This will allow us to communicate better, to react more quickly in the event of a problem and thus help to break the isolation that patients sometimes feel. It’s also helping to organize day hospital areas.” A scientific report of experimentation and evaluation will be prepared after 12 months of use by patients and health care teams before considering a broader deployment of the solution.

The usefulness of symptom collection tools by the patient himself and communication between the patient and the hospital was demonstrated at the last congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the world’s largest cancer symposium of June 2017. A study presented by Dr Ethan Basch* showed that these e-health tools could lengthen the survival of cancer patients.

This innovative project is supported by the Malakoff Médéric Social Protection Group, whose strategy aims to facilitate the emergence of coordinated hospital care channels for more efficient and secure pathways. TNP Consultants, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, has supported Pr Christophe Tournigand since the beginning of this initiative. After having studied its feasibility and identified the most relevant solutions and partners, TNP Consultants intervenes on the scoping and steering of this project.

*Web-Based System for Self-Reporting Symptoms Helps Patients Live Longer – Study Supports Increased Use of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Oncology

About Nouveal e-santé

The company Nouveal is a start-up specialized in e-health software publishing. It was created in September 2013 independently of any other structure as SAS. 2014 was the launch pad for the company and the e-fitback project, as it was during this year that Nouveal conducted an in-depth study of the e-health market.

In 2015, Nouveal launches the development of the e-fitback solution, which is available in three main modules: online pre-admission, the medical and cognitive preparation of the patient before surgery and post-treatmentPatient operative with alert triggering system with caregivers and practitioners. Beyond outpatient surgery, e-fitback applies to all types of pathologies (including oncology, chronic diseases and psychiatry). End of 2016 Nouveal raises 1 million euros to accelerate its development. In 2017, more than 15,000 patients and 40 health care facilities are using the e-fitback app. www.nouveal.com

About TNP Consultants  

Created in 2007, TNP is an independent French consultancy specialized in business transformation. Working on various dimensions – operational strategy, business, human capital and information system, he works in the areas of banking, insurance and social protection, health, mobility, energy and distribution. Today, TNP relies on 300 employees for a turnover of around 50 million euros. As a performance accelerator for many major accounts, the firm leads 25% of its international missions. Its approach and expertise in managing complex transformation programs, unique in the consulting market, have earned it a breakthrough that has been noticed by industry players since its inception and 40% growth every year.

Its main clients : BNP Paribas, Société Générale, BPCE, AXA, CNP, Covea, Malakoff Médéric, AG2R La Mondiale, Humanis, MGEN, Harmonie…