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Nouveal e-santé, expert in the design of e-health solutions and in the management of deployment projects, accompanies several public and private actors of the health world in their projects.

Nouveal e-santé concludes its first fundraising exercise of €1 million


The conclusion of this first fundraiser marks a turning point in the history of the startup, which until then had been developing digital mobile applications for companies. Three years after its creation, Nouveal becomes Nouveal e-santé, publisher of the e-fitback patient preparation and follow-up solution.


Developed since September 2015, the e-fitback solution has quickly been a growth factor, given the enthusiasm it has aroused among healthcare professionals. Numerous recruitments were carried out for the development of e-fitback, and its marketing in service rental (Saas).

On Friday 16 December, Nouveal e-santé concluded a first fund-raising with Malakoff Médéric, a health and welfare insurer of more than 200,000 companies in France, for an amount of €1 million. This operation, in which Nouveal e-santé has been supported by KPMG, will ensure that it remains a market leader, with more than 8,000 patients using its e-fitback solution to date.


To date, e-fitback has already attracted the interest of many healthcare institutions in France and abroad. Since its inception, Nouveal e-santé has won numerous competitions and awards such as the FHP Innovation Challenge, the Care Talks Tour, the Bref Eco e-health innovation trophy or more recently, to be selected to go to the Boston Booster Camp. These are all elements that will enable society to win over new health professionals internationally.