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Covidom is opening up to all community healthcare professionals in France – free of charge

In preparation and support for an easing of the lockdown, Covidom is opening up to all community healthcare professionals in France – free of charge

From Thursday April 23, 2020, Covidom, the Covid-19 patient telemonitoring application developed by Nouveal in collaboration with the AP-HP hospital group, a system already remotely monitoring some 60,000 patients, will be made available free of charge to all independent doctors and nurses in France. This operation has been made possible thanks to the support of Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson France, La Poste and Malakoff Humanis.

Community medicine has played a decisive role in containing the epidemic. This role will be reinforced during the preparation period leading up to (and during) the easing of the lockdown. Community healthcare professionals need a robust and specialized tool enabling them to reliably monitor patients in the home who are suffering from or are carriers of Covid-19, or who belong to high-risk groups. Covidom must also enable early identification of any local resurgence of epidemiological hotspots and act without delay to ward off any new waves of infection.

Covidom will be independently accessible by all independent practitioners and nurses via an online registration form reserved for health professionals. Doctors will then be able to include their patients and conduct telemonitoring from their practice, home or when travelling; they may also delegate the activity to a community nurse at any time[1].

[1] Dans le cadre d’une prescription médicale conformément à la réglementation


A necessary second step to meet the needs of community medicine

After having satisfied the needs of establishments in the 1st and 2nd line of defense, the objective is now to offer a solution for community healthcare professionals adapted to the development of the epidemic.  They will now be performing an increasingly important role in patient treatment and controlling the epidemic over the coming weeks and months. They are now best placed to diagnose, to adapt the care journey, to provide their patients with the support they require on emergence of the first symptoms, to recommend quarantine measures and to restrict the burden placed on healthcare establishments.

“We were fully aware that we needed to respond to the demands of community medicine which has been lacking a simple and dedicated tool in addition to remote consultations, enabling practitioners to work with greater peace of mind throughout the country”, declares Alexandre Falzon, co-founder of Nouveal e-santé. 

Expertise serving the whole community

Developed by Nouveal in collaboration with the AP-HP hospital group, the Covidom application has provided support to 60,000 suspected patients or confirmed carriers of Covid-19 through reassuring and secure telemonitoring. Over 1,250,000 questionnaires have been completed in less than 2 months. The depth of this experience is now being made available to all healthcare professionals throughout the country. Thanks to the numerous cases treated at its 34 establishments and remotely via the application, AP-HP has acquired experience that has been translated into an up-to-date protocol in the Covidom solution in order to maximize the reliability of the alerts and associated recommendations.

With over 320 healthcare establishments (over 160 outside the Paris region) and over 20,000 healthcare professional users (including 5,000 general practitioners), Covidom is now the benchmark solution for outpatient telemonitoring of Covid-19. The solution is deployed in strict compliance with regulations covering health data, stored with a certified hosting provider specializing in healthcare.

Remotely monitoring patients remains the best way of restricting the spread of the virus, by the patient or by the doctor. “Covidom is a tool within the current context of pandemic that offers organized and automated patient monitoring. It enables me to be instantly informed of any worsening of my patient’s clinical status thanks to the issuing of alerts. This mechanism offers dual security – for both the doctor and the patient. It is also very easy to use”, states Dr Belon-Urda, general practitioner in Vienne. 



Made available free of charge thanks to the sponsors involved in the fight: Novo Nordisk and Johnson & Johnson France, in addition to the shareholders of Nouveal, namely Malakoff Humanis and La Poste

Faced with the unprecedented challenge to public health, Novo Nordisk and Johnson & Johnson France, supported by Malakoff Humanis and La Poste, have joined forces with Nouveal to make the Covidom solution available free of charge to all community healthcare professionals. All costs associated with the operation will be covered (developments, application maintenance, user support, secure hosting of health data, etc.).


“The response of Nouveal to this health crisis has been remarkable with Covidom created in record time – a solution now of fundamental importance in the hospital environment. At a time when the alarming statistics show that 1 death in 3 from Covid-19 affects a sufferer of diabetes and given the worrying reduction in consultations by general practitioners, a solution such as Covidom can help to re-establish confidence among patients suffering from chronic disease. Novo Nordisk now wishes to commit itself alongside solid partners to enable every patient to be better monitored, with particular attention to diabetic patients taking the full force of the virus. It is also a matter of our corporate responsibility beyond the research, development and production of therapeutic innovations”, declares Etienne Tichit, CEO of Novo Nordisk France. 





“We are delighted to be able to contribute to the national deployment of Covidom, as this innovative telemonitoring solution will certainly become indispensable for treating people infected with Covid-19. Our collective contribution should enable us to reach a decisive milestone in the process of digital transformation required by our healthcare system, and I am proud that J&J is able to participate.”Emmanuelle Quilès, CEO of Janssen France, President of the Convergence Council Johnson & Johnson France 



“In addition to its home service activities for elderly persons and sufferers of chronic illness, La Poste has been supporting Nouveal since 2018 in its efforts to optimize the patient journey. COVIDOM can help to provide secure and personalized management of the lockdown exit process. Extending the use of patient telemonitoring in the home to community healthcare professionals provides them with an additional means of reassuring, monitoring and guiding patents faced with the threat of COVID-19.” Delphine Mallet, Director of Silver Economy & Healthcare Services





“Faced with the unprecedented health, social and economic crisis we are currently experiencing, and as a major operator in the social and solidarity economy, Malakoff Humanis is mobilizing its resources to serve society and meet the challenges of the Covid-19 emergency by offering companies and the general public with tangible support. A historic investor in Nouveal, the group supports the wide-ranging deployment of Covidom with the objective of optimizing the monitoring of Covid-19 sufferers and suspected carriers”, declares David Giblas, Director of Innovation, Healthcare Partnerships and Digital & Data at Malakoff Humanis 


Covidom is an e-healthcare application that enables patients (high-risk groups and suspected or actual carriers of Covid-19) to benefit from home-based telemonitoring via medical questionnaires offered automatically once or more each day. The patient uses the application available via PC or smartphone (iOS or android) and the doctor uses the dashboard accessible via the internet.


How is Covidom accessed by the health professional ?

  • To register for Covidom as a doctor, just complete the form entering your RPPS number on the secure site
  • The platform will forward your temporary user ID and password within 24 hours. These can be used to complete your registration and confirm your access as a professional user.
  • Once registration is complete, you will immediately be able to add your patients to Covidom.

If you need it, user support is available: 


How does the telemonitoring work ?

  • To add a patient to telemonitoring, the consulting doctor registers the patient by entering the main medical and administrative data then forwards to the patient the user ID and password automatically generated during the registration process. The user ID and password will enable the patient to log on to the application. Every patient is therefore linked to a reference doctor, even if the telemonitoring is delegated to a nurse.
  • The doctor has access to a dashboard covering all their patients and access to all the associated monitoring questionnaires.

Depending on the patient’s responses to each questionnaire, alerts of different priority levels will be forwarded to the doctor in real time (via SMS or e-mail).

  • Alerts are acted upon by the doctor who added the patient to telemonitoring or by the community nurse to whom the doctor has delegated telemonitoring.  Contact may then be made with the patient to assess the situation, to refine the diagnosis and/or to take appropriate steps.


And from the patient’s angle?

  • After downloading the Covidom application, the patient identifies themself using the logins forwarded by the doctor.
  • The patient completes one or more health questionnaires daily via their application. The questions are simple and repetitive, enabling the development of their condition to be assessed. The frequency of the questionnaire may vary in line with the risk stratification. This may evolve depending on the answers received and/or the time lapse since the onset of symptoms.


About Nouveal e-santé 

Founded in 2013 in Lyon, Nouveal e-santé is a French SME that develops digital connected healthcare solutions. A market leader in France in patient telemonitoring with its Covidom, e-fitback, ONCO’nect and Léa Santé solutions, and notably over 300 user establishments, Nouveal e-santé is both a software publisher and a digital services provider. Its expertise in the design of e-healthcare solutions and in managing development projects has enabled it to successfully provide project support to multiple public and private healthcare operators. In 2015, the CAPIO group, recently taken over by RAMSAY Santé, was won over by the e-fitback app and became its first key client, at the time the market leader in Europe in enhanced recovery after surgery. At the same time, AP-HP and the oncology department at Henri MONDOR teaching hospital contacted Nouveal e-santé in 2016 to co-create ONCO’nect, an oncology telemonitoring application. Fully aware of the benefits and pertinence of exploiting patient telemonitoring, in 2018 JANSSEN France asked Nouveal to develop the Léa Santé solution in order to be able to offer the service to its clients’ hematology departments. Lastly, Nouveal e-santé was able to develop its development path thanks to 2 large groups acquiring a stake in the scale-up: La Poste and Malakoff Humanis.

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About Novo Nordisk 

Based in Denmark, NOVO NORDISK is a global healthcare market leader in the treatment of diabetes with over 95 years of experience and innovation. The company also occupies a leading position in the fields of hemophilia, growth disorders and menopause treatments. Novo Nordisk employs 43,200 people in 80 countries and its products are marketed in more than 170 countries.

Also operating in France, from its base in Chartres over the past 60 years, Novo Nordisk exploits its expertise to serve patients and healthcare professionals throughout France. A leading industrial employer in the department, Novo Nordisk currently has 1,200 employees in Chartres and exports 95% of its production volume to some 80 countries in Europe and beyond. 


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About Johnson & Johnson France

Chez Johnson & Johnson, nous sommes convaincus que la santé est le fondement de vies épanouies, de communautés florissantes et de progrès. C’est pourquoi, depuis plus de 130 ans, nous innovons pour maintenir les personnes en bonne santé, à tout âge et à chaque étape de la vie. Aujourd’hui, en tant que 1er groupe de soins de santé au monde, nous contribuons à améliorer l’accès aux soins et à les rendre plus abordables, à créer des communautés plus saines et à mettre un esprit, un corps et un environnement sains à la portée de tous dans le monde entier. Nous allions le cœur, la science et l’ingéniosité pour transformer en profondeur la trajectoire de la santé pour l’humanité.

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 At Johnson & Johnson, we are convinced that health is at the root of full lives, flourishing communities and progress. That is why we have been innovating for over 130 years now, keeping people in good health at all ages and all stages of life. As the world’s largest healthcare group, today we are contributing to improving access to healthcare and making it more affordable, to creating healthier communities and placing a healthy mind, body and environment within the reach of the whole world. We combine heart, science and ingenuity to fundamentally transform the trajectory of health for humanity.

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About La Poste group

La Poste is a state-owned limited company, a subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts and the French government. The La Poste group is organized in 5 divisions: Post & Packages, Postal Banking, Branch Network, GeoPost and Digital. The group operates in 47 countries on 4 continents. Every day, the 17,000 contact points of La Poste, the largest local retail network in France, serve 1.3 million customers. Carbon-neutral since 2012, La Poste distributes 21.6 billion items every year worldwide (letters, advertising material and packages), 6 days a week. During this period of health crisis and up to the end of April, our postmen and postwomen have been delivering mail and packages 4 times a week, the media receives a delivery 5 days a week and nearly 10,000 contact points are open to the public with processes adapted to the new regulations and protective measures applied by all postal workers. Local services such as deliveries of meals and medicines or social contact visits have been maintained between Mondays and Fridays since the beginning of the crisis. With the objective of becoming the leading company offering local services for everyone, every day and at any location, La Poste is committed to making people’s lives simpler. La Poste has set itself the objective of accelerating its transformation by continuing to diversify, notably into healthcare in the home, with stakes having been acquired in historic home-based healthcare providers, it also provides support for start-ups such as Nouveal and Newcard in digital uses of patient monitoring in the home.

Press contact: service.presse@laposte.fr

Patrice Lemonnier – patrice.lemonnier@laposte.fr06 32 65 90 86

About Malakoff Humanis

A major operator in the social protection sector, Malakoff Humanis was founded in January 2019 through the merger of Malakoff Médéric and Humanis. With equity of over €6.5bn, 426,000 client companies and 10 million individuals protected (policyholders and beneficiaries), Malakoff Humanis enjoys a market share of 17% in group insurance. The group manages €36.5bn in supplementary pension schemes under a public interest mission conducted on behalf of Agirc-Arrco, covering some 568,000 companies and over 13 million contributors and pensioners.

A mutual insurer and non-profit organization, Malakoff Humanis serves a social utility function and allocates over 160 million euros each year to helping the more disadvantaged members of society.