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Ambulatory follow-ups for hematology patients through Léa Santé

Ambulatory follow-ups for hematology patients through Léa Santé

In partnership with Janssen pharmaceuticals

A fully customized telemonitoring application

Monitor hematology patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia or multiple myeloma 

Designing the ambulatory care pathway

Define your own medical contents to meet the needs of your hematology department, your organization and your management protocols.

Side effects monitoring

Prevent side effects occurrence for hematology patients and set up the right medical procedure to follow. 

Digital documents center

and the secured messaging system allows to keep in touch with patients for better medical support.

Patient journey within Léa Santé

A Hematologist’s feedback

Léa Santé is a digital coordination platform which places patients into the center of their own health care pathway. It allows a better communication between the patients while staying at home and the medical team at the hospital. This digital solution also allows to anticipate side effects’ management as well as possible patient concerns. The care pathway is definitely more secured.

Dr. Borhane Slama

Head of haematology department at the Centre Hospitalier d'Avignon

Léa Santé has been launched on March 2019 in order to face new challenges regarding hematology patients’ management. There are already 4 hospitals which are daily using this app.

A patient exchange space

Customized follow-up questionnaires sent on a regular basis (adverse reactions, quality of life, etc.)

A secure and personalized space to keep in touch with the hospital team throughout its care.

If needed patient can receive notifications by text message or email to remind him what he needs to do

A space to share documents (personal care plan, practice sheets, advice on the disease,…)

A single dashboard for the hematology department

Patients’ feedbacks are prioritized by the type of alerts raised : red ones, orange ones or non-responders. For each alert, the symptoms are always presented. 

You decide the questions you want to ask, their frequency and alert thresholds.

A SaaS solution for immediate and interoperable use to limit duplicate entries. The solution works in real time.

A unique tool for CEDI’s, which can also inform patients’ responses to outgoing calls.

Partner institutions

Centre hospitalier d'Annecy

Groupe hospitalier Saint-Louis

Institut de cancérologie Lucien Neuwirth (Loire)

Centre hospitalier d'Avignon

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